Our philosophy

Kinetic Performance was founded as a technology-based company at the University of Alicante by Doctors José Antonio Pérez Turpín and Juan José Chinchilla.

The concept of Applied Movement Science encourages us to share our knowledge and experience with society, inviting institutions, experts, athletes and people interested in improving their lives and health to get involved.


Our services

Our services are focused on the analysis and assessment of physical activity and sport, providing guidance to sports teams and working communities, evaluating new products or improving those that are already on the market and giving advice to institutions and centres dedicated to sport.




Kinetic Performance could be another dimension which could contribute effectively to the development of sport in Spain.
Mike Hughes , President of the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport

Kinetic Performance is not just a technology company devoted to performance analysis and assessment of physical activity, is an innovative scientific proposal of quality in Spain for development of sport.
Dr. Henriette Dancs, Institute of Sport Science, University of West Hungary

Kinetic Performance es una garantía de innovación, de alta tecnología y de apoyo científico con personal investigador de primera línea.
Alejandro Blanco , Presidente del Comité Olímpico Español