Nowadays, there is a concern about sedentary lifestyle, especially when it affects the youngest population like children and teenagers, as they are at a critical stage of their life in which they need to acquire a healthy and an active lifestyle.

Furthermore, the new “display usage time” concept is causing serious ocular pathologies. For this reason, managers and experts in the field consider physical activity a priority health objective to be promoted among young people. To do this, we aim to assess young people’s physical activity and health, regarding physiological, metabolic, conditional and psychological aspects of school-age children.

Kinetic Kids project consists of a circuit of 4 stages where the following aspects of the students’ motor skills are assessed:
  1. Physical exam and medical assessment to check their overall health status.
  2. Anthropometric tests to check fat and muscle percentage by body segments, and a somatochart where the family can check the real condition of their child.
  3. Motor skills and physical qualities test.
  4. Foot strike analysis for school-age children, which is essential.
Photos of a practical demonstration in the CEIP Pedro Duque of Alicante

We work with a full team of coaches, nutritionists, sports psychologists, doctors, analysts and fitness coaches.

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