It consists of these departments and services:
  • Sports medicine service:
    Clinical history
    Physical exam
    ECG and blood pressure
    Total: 60 euros (VAT not included)
    Total with endurance test: 90 euros (VAT not included)
  • Sports podiatry service:
    Podobarometric gait analysis
    Analysis of posture and balance
    Podiatric injuries recovery
    Total: 50 euros (VAT not included)
  • Sports physiotherapy service:
    Prevention and treatment of sport injuries (rehabilitation and retraining)
    Total: 30 euros (VAT not included)
  • Sports nutrition service:
    Personal interview
    Personalised diet
    Total: 55 euros (VAT not included)
  • Sports osteopathy service:
    Prevention and recovery of sport injuries
    Total: 30 euros (VAT not included)
  • Rehabilitation and muscular reinforcement service:
    Rehabilitation and muscle reinforcement through voluntary neuromuscular training
    Total: 30 euros (VAT not included)
  • Sports optometry service:
    Analysis, assessment and intervention of the aspects related to vision in physical activity
    Total: 50 euros (VAT not included)
  • Personal trainers service:
    Design of personalised training program to improve sporting performance and health
    Total: 1 session: 25 euros; 2 sessions: 45 euros; 3 sessions: 60 euros (VAT not included)
    Total price for advice on planning: 25 euros/month (VAT not included)
  • Sports biomechanics service:
    Analysis of gait, swimming, running and cycling
    Posturology analysis
    Total: 90 euros (VAT not included). Price per sport.
  • Video analysis for sports service:
    Video report
    Performance analysis: performance reports on teams and athletes
    Scientific support for sports events
    Total: 95 euros for a match or training report (VAT not included)
    Total price per team and season: 300 euros/month (VAT not included)
  • Sports psychopedagogy service:
    Psychological and pedagogical advice to players, coaches and managers
    Total: 60 euros/session (VAT not included)


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